10 scientific advice for better sex  


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We can try all positions of the Kama Sutra or consult with a scientist what is the most pleasurable and enjoy for hours. That we did:


1. Use the word


Tell your partner that you constantly repeat how well you see (and you know). Women fear that our genitals not taste good, or that are not so attractive. If we feel safe about it will be easier to achieve a good orgasm because we feel more relaxed. Ask your partner to remember it when I walk exploring your low areas. Dr. told us. Debra Lynne, from the University of Indiana. 


2. Use your ears 


The only difference between a gigolo and a regular pickup is that the gigolo really listen to what women say, therefore, know what we want in bed. So: question. And talks. Ideally you would have these conversations out of bed, so they do not feel the pressure of doing something wrong at that time. Discuss it at breakfast or before bed. This was suggested to Dr. Helen Fisher, Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University. 


3. Touch your everywhere 


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Caresses reduce stress and release the famous oxytocin, a sex hormone that increases testosterone levels in women (and of course in them) and makes you want it more. The suggestion of Dr. Carol Cassell, president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality is to use some kind of cream or oil to stimulate more erogenous zones each.


4. Exploit your kitchen


Arginine is the basis of viagra, so men can eat foods containing it to improve their physical performance without using drugs. All that is good for our body serves to improve sex: protein, unsaturated fats, fruits with lots of color, the vegetables that contain antioxidants, all foods that improve your body improve your sexual performance. We hear of Lynn Edlen-Nezin, author of "Great food, great sex". 


5. Take time to undress 


There is a certain degree of manipulation in neurotransmitters. Observing an image of a naked person will release a quick amount of dopamine and oxytocin, however, if prolong the scene, the effect lasts longer, anticipating what will happen. Take your time, take off piece by piece, slowly as you look into her eyes. This we said Andrea Kuszewski, Therapist Boston, Massachusetts. 


6. Bathe


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There is no artificial pheromone on the market that will become irresistible. So help yourself a bit and always bathe with soap so you release your natural smell (trust us on out to your perfume). And let some of you garment at home, so that whenever you open the drawer lingerie super sexy images you have in mind. Dr. Tristram Wyatt Council, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford.


7. Create a good environment


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So that women can turn us off our chips we must stress and anxiety. Creating an environment with low lights and some candles helps you relax and enjoy sex more. A study by Harvard University showed that if we embrace by more than 30 seconds our level of oxytocin increases, anticipating sex. So as Chango cuélgatele a minute and enjoy its smell, the feeling of being with him, etc., and relax.


8. Climb 


The position that scientists recommend to us we enjoy like crazy is he sitting on his back. The angle at which the penis is placed in this position stimulates the G spot, plus all the area we need to stimulate. It also lets you play with yourself without seeing it directly, combining clitoral stimulation, G and penetration point, you know how you're going to end? Dr. Beverly Whipple of Rutgers University, recommend to the boys, sit down and relax. 


9. The penetration is overrated


Men do not know but it's real. Most women have trouble reaching orgasm if they are only penetrated. Notify your boy to stop worrying and concentrate on all the other things you can do. The advice of Professor Emily Wentzell is to stop penetration aside for 1 month and explore possibilities around the world before them. 


10. Relax


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This is for both. If you are not relaxed, no one will enjoy. Point. Trust him, trust what you're doing, confident that if there is because you want to, trust your skills, trust that you will achieve it. And let yourself go.


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Good advices, Thanks.

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Thanks for your contribution.

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